Stress-Free Weekend Getaway for Couples- Garver Feed Mill in Madison

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We are all exhausted. Exhausted by life in general, exhausted by Zoom calls, restrictions, adapting to the way of life this past year has subjected us to. For me, decision fatigue is a REAL thing. When I plan a trip with my partner, it is almost more work than play- trying to make arrangements, find things to do, curate the best experiences to ensure the trip is a success. You need a vacation from the vacation! I recently took a trip to the Garver Feed Mill in Madison- a new health, wellness and foodie destination for those looking to reconnect, recharge, and enjoy. This is the ideal stress-free weekend getaway for couples, a short drive from Chicago! They have compiled pre-curated experiences for guests to enjoy- flexible, inclusive itineraries that allow you to focus on what really matters!


The Garver team has painstakingly put together itineraries for all types for weekend getaways for couples- Wellness, Foodie, and Art & Culture. All you have to do is select your preferences and show up. They take care of the rest! Honestly, it is one of the most relaxing ways to reconnect with a partner. You are able to let someone else take the wheel, and simply experience the different sensory journeys together.

All experiences include a night stay at Hotel Indigo, a funky, modern hotel a short drive from Garver Feed Mill. This hotel features games and snacks in the lobby, colorful, quirky decor that I want to grab and incorporate into my own home, and a relaxed yet attentive staff that just wants guests to celebrate the good things in life.

The rooms are anything but basic- touches like the retro turquoise mini-fridge and a kaleidoscopic rug get you in the mood for not taking life too seriously.

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