Late Winter Farmers' Market brings fresh local produce to Madison

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The Dane County Farmer's Market offers chance to get fresh local produce in winter

Almost everyone who’s lived through a summer or fall in Madison knows about the Dane County Farmer’s Market. They’ve gotten up early on Saturdays and circled the Capitol Square for fresh and local produce. But what many don’t know is the Dane County Farmer’s Market doesn’t end when it gets cold. In fact, it’s open pretty much year-round.

There are three seasons for the Dane County Farmer’s Market, and the Late Winter Market is in its current cycle. While the selection is limited to the winter season, it offers a wide variety of products from some of your favorite summer stands.

“The community knows that when they come to our market and interact with a farmer or a baker or a cheesemaker, they’re talking to the producer themselves,” Jill Carlson Groendyk, Assistant Market Manager of the DCFM said. “There’s this wealth of knowledge that they have access to.”

The Late Winter Market is located east of the Capitol at the Garver Feed Mill, an iconic, renovated building that hosts a number of small shops and gathering hall.

It’s a multi-faceted space that welcomes local artisans and mom and pop-style venues to set up and sell to customers. It’s a community-building that welcomes the Late Winter Market on Saturday mornings.

Stepping into the Garver Feed Mill on Saturday morning, you’re welcomed by the sound of a small crowd and the mixed aroma of coffee, pizza, baked goods and spices. People of all ages wander the market, following the smells and excitement.

“We are excited to be on the east side surrounded by so many family neighborhoods and great organizations,” Groendyk said. “The relocation was really motivated by the idea that with more space we could host even more of our market vendors and with a more diverse and abundant product mix, we could better serve our patrons during the winter.”

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