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America’s Largest Producer-Only Farmers’ Market partners with Garver Feed Mill on Pre Order Drive-thru to Support Local Farmers

Madison----- Madison’s popular indoor farmers market and the largest producer-only farmers’ market in the US, Dane County Farmers’ Market (DCFM) - Late Winter Market, was abruptly ended as a result of the Covid-19 virus. Vendors immediately felt the financial pain as they depend on the market to provide needed income and the community is in need of farm fresh provisions, especially as grocery stores struggle to keep their shelves full.

Since its inaugural opening day at the newly renovated Garver Feed Mill on Jan 4th, the market welcomed over 17,500 shoppers who, despite the weather, showed up in droves to support their favorite farmers. Market organizers have devised a new solution; a drive-through pick up at Garver. The community will be able to order ahead and pick up their provisions in a safe, organized fashion. Farmers will have an effective distribution channel and the public will get access to much needed farm fresh provisions.

"Farmers are scrambling to figure out ways to connect directly with their customers," says Dane County Farmers' Market Manager Sarah Elliott. "People still need to eat and our farmers need to continue to sell their products. We are so grateful that we are able to pilot our Local Food Pick Ups at Garver Feed Mill. Garver has been a very generous partner amidst the uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and this partnership allowed us the flexibility to quickly develop a model that can safely connect our customers with our vendors during this difficult time."

The continued partnership at this difficult time serves as a solution to save American farmers/small businesses by providing an adaptable call-to-action for the country’s essential workers. Throughout the month of April, hundreds of locals are expected to drive-thru the Garver Feed Mill to pick up their pre-ordered produce, greens, local meats, chicken eggs, and more. Home to a collection of producers, artisan food makers, wellness studios & hospitality providers, the small businesses at Garver - who are also suffering from the temporary shutdown - will have curbside carryout available for purchase. A GoFundMe Emergency Farmer Fund is also available for those who would like to donate.

Garver Feed Mill Built in 1906 as a sugar beet processing facility, Garver Feed Mill is one of Madison, Wisconsin’s most iconic historic landmarks and home to a collection of producers, artisan food makers, wellness studios & hospitality providers. Links to additional press, videos, and photos.

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